10 January 2020

UrbanPeriscope project kick-off meeting

The UrbanPeriscope's kick-off meeting took place on 9 January 2020 at The Cyprus Institute’s site in Nicosia, where the partners gathered to discuss in person the project’s objectives, and future work and expected plans. The meeting concluded with discussions related to the project’s pilot sites and the related plans for developing the necessary technology and procedures.

03 December 2019

Urban Periscope Grant

HIT has been awarded with a contract from the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation (Project Acronym: UrbanPeriscope) with the aim to develop an innovative platform for the identification, classification, documentation and renovation of heritage buildings, which can be exploited by a variety of stakeholders related to the conservation and retrofit activities.

12 November 2018

HIT participated in the RenoZEB project meeting on 23 and 24 October in Bilbao, Spain

The 2nd RenoZEB project meeting, which took place on 23 and 24 October 2018 in Bilbao (Spain), involved on the one hand updating of all partners regarding project progress and discussing the project plan for the upcoming period and on the other hand the visits to the 2 sites in Spain where the experimentation and piloting activities will take place.

10 September 2018

HIT leading human-centric energy consumption optimization automations for buildings renovated through the RENOZEB holistic approach

HIT is a proud partner of the RENOZEB H2020 project which mainly aims to unlock the nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) renovation market by increasing property value through a new systemic approach to retrofitting. The RenoZEB holistic approach considers all the phases of the Deep Renovation life cycle (plan, design, construction and management) and the involved value chain and their interrelation and workflows to reach the optimum cost/ benefit ratio.

31 August 2018

HIT participates at the 1st plenary meeting of DELTA

DELTA project partners gathered in Cyprus for the first plenary meeting. This marked the first occasion since the project’s kick-off meeting in May that the 10 project partners met in person to discuss DELTA’s progress and provide plans for what is to come as the project matures. The venue for our plenary was the city of Nicosia. Of particular interest to HIT have been the sessions regarding the DELTA virtual node infrastructure layer design and the virtual node multi agent system. Both these tasks are led by HIT.

13 June 2018

HIT participates in H2020 project SerIoT

HIT has been awarded with a contract from the European Commission (Project Acronym: SerIoT) with the aim to develop a useful, open & reference framework for real-time monitoring of the traffic exchanged through heterogeneous IoT platforms within the IoT network in order to recognize suspicious patterns, to evaluate them and finally to decide on the detection of a security leak, privacy threat and abnormal event detection, while offering parallel mitigation actions that are seamlessly exploited in the background

18 May 2018

HIT Innovation’s Fintech Team a-Quant @ iFX EXPO 2018

HIT Innovation’s Fintech Team a-Quant will participate in iFX EXPO 2018, the largest financial B2B expo in the world taking place in Cyprus on May 23rd-24th. Thomas Papapolyzos CEO & Founder of a-Quant will represent our company in the event as a speaker focusing on Fintech solutions and our MT4 tools based on machine learning algos (www.algo-profits.com).

07 May 2018

DELTA grant

HIT has been awarded with a contract from the European Commission (Project Acronym: DELTA) with the aim to develop a Demand-Response (DR) management platform that distributes parts of the Aggregator’s intelligence into a novel architecture based on Virtual Power Plant (VPP) principles. It will establish a more easily manageable and computationally efficient DR solution and will deliver scalability and adaptiveness into the Aggregator’s DR toolkits.

31 January 2018

HIT supports European Utility Week

HIT are delighted to support European Utility Week, the premier business, innovation and information platform for utilities. The Advisory Committee Meeting for European Utility Week 2018 happened on the 30th of November, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, to help determine the main guidelines for the event's Programme.