HIT Innovation’s Fintech Team a-Quant will participate in iFX EXPO 2018, the largest financial B2B expo in the world taking place in Cyprus on May 23rd-24th. Thomas Papapolyzos, CEO & Founder of a-Quant will represent our company in the event as a speaker focusing on Fintech solutions and our MT4 tools based on machine learning algos (www.algo-profits.com).

Some of the main subjects in our panel will be:

  • Is machine learning just the new "new thing" or there is something there for the individual trader?
  • Are the days of the “churn and burn” practice over, and does the new EU regulatory framework would actually make such a practice on part of trading brokers much more difficult?
  • Is there a difference in the approach to the market between FCA and CySEC-regulated brokers? What are those?
  • How can technology make traders better at their decisions and maximize returns for brokers at the same time?
  • Do you feel that brokers are getting better returns from more successful traders in the long run versus three to six months losers that never return to deposit again?
  • The utility of a broker’s message is key to a mutually beneficial client relationship. Do you see any efforts made by the industry to address the obvious gaps in this area?
  • Content and software have become key differentiators, which carries more weight and how can companies synergize those?
  • What are the key pieces of data a broker collects from its clients and how can it be best used to make a client worthwhile for the broker (and the trader)?